Bedding For The Elderly

Bedding For The Elderly

Posted on February 16, 2015 by ElderCare Phoenix in Blog

The Importance of Proper Bedding

Proper bedding may be more important for the elderly person than it is for anybody else. There are many factors that impact the need for caregivers to pay attention to bedding needs of their patients. Physical health ailments and injuries can be either relieved or exacerbated depending on the quality of the bed and whether any accessibility options are being used. For instance, an elderly person that has back problems will need the right support or the problem can become worse during the night. An adjustable bed should give support according to the specific needs of the individual.

Bed Rails

For added safety, it can be necessary for beds to come equipped with their own restrictive railing. The elderly must be protected from injuries that can cause irreparable damage. Rails form boundaries for them that keep them securely on the bed, and prevent unintentional rolling out of bed. Depending on the age and ailment of the person, a slip out of bed onto the floor can be fatal. The rails are also good for supporting the elderly person when getting in or getting out of the bed.

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Bed Pillows

For some elderly people, the position of the body while in bed is very important to their ability to receive proper care. Due to physical limitations and specific comforts, a unique bed pillow may need to be applied to the bedding. The elderly are especially susceptible to spinal malformations that can only be eased by contoured or convoluted pillows. It’s often necessary that they are specially customized to fit the needs of the elderly person. Sleeping comfort throughout the night is a challenge and should also be aided in the sides and neck.

Mattress Covers

Elderly people also need protection from themselves in cases of incontinence. It’s important to have mattress covers or sheets that are waterproof. These specially designed mattress covers are typically made from vinyl material and protect the mattress and the elderly. Waterproof sheets should also be used for additional protection of both the bed and the person.

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