Eldercare Solutions Planning the Right Care For Your Loved One

Eldercare Solutions Planning the Right Care For Your Loved One

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If you’re struggling to find the right eldercare solutions, you’re not alone. Do you plan on eldercare at home? Do you place mom in an assisted living or nursing center? The smartest way to handle senior care issues is to craft a plan before an emergency situation leaves the family scrambling for answers. Start your plan today by thinking about these 3 considerations:

Home sweet home The toughest eldercare solutions decisions often center on where your loved one will live. You may need to consider questions such as, “Can Mom remember to lock the door at night?” “Will my family be able to handle caring for aging parents at home?” or “Can we provide the assistance Dad needs to live a well and happy life?” They’re not easy questions, but you’ll need the answers if you want to find effective eldercare solutions.

Don’t forget to re-assess your parent’s living situation periodically. For instance, Dad may have far less mobility than he did last year, making eldercare at home more time-consuming and less doable.

Safety first Whether Dad will live independently or Mom will live at your home, chances are they’ll be spending some time by themselves. One of the smartest eldercare solutions to consider is investing in an emergency alert device. With the press of a button, Mom or Dad can contact the police, fire department or ambulance in case of illness or other emergency. Alert devices are especially important for a parent who tends to panic in emergency situations. These tools are the ultimate in safety for seniors and the ultimate in peace of mind for children looking for caring for aging parent strategies.

If you know eldercare at home will work for you, take a tour of your home to look for senior safety no-nos. For instance, pull up throw rugs that are easily tripped over. Also make sure Dad can step into the shower safely or Mom’s wheelchair can fit through the hallway.

The legal stuff No family wants to spend the last year of Mom’s life bickering over her care, especially if she’s incapacitated and can’t take part in the decision-making process. Eldercare solutions that work should always include the legal documents that tell your family and your parent’s medical team how to handle catastrophic situations.

Living wills, powers of attorney, and health care powers of attorney are must-have documents that can lessen family friction during a crisis. If you’re caring for aging parents, urge them to talk to an attorney who can navigate the in’s and out’s of eldercare solutions.

From eldercare at home to full-time nursing care, there are so many considerations that they can be overwhelming. Those feelings will get even worse if you wait for Mom or Dad to suffer a devastating illness before considering eldercare solutions. Don’t wait any longer to start planning a caring for aging parents strategy.

By: Gregory Weldy

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