Help For Caregiver’s Whose Parent Has Alzheimer’s Dementia

Help For Caregiver’s Whose Parent Has Alzheimer’s Dementia

Posted on July 1, 2014 by ElderCare Resources Phoenix in Alzheimers Care, Blog, Caregiver Education, Dementia Care, Home Care Non-Medical, Respite Care

A new book, “Activities to Do with Your Parent Who Has Alzheimer’s Dementia” provides a selection of user-friendly activities that will help maintain your parent’s self-care skills, mobility, and socialization.

These tasks encourage success and feelings of self worth, and offer imaginative ways to interact with your parent. The Activity Assessment Form objectively allows you to look at each of these tasks. It can help to determine the setup and environment that works best with your parent.  This written format is a tool which also encourages consistency between caregivers.

In this book you will find:

  • Over fifty activity ideas with implementation suggestions
  • Activity Assessment Forms
  • Alzheimer’s dementia support sources
  • Caregiver burnout prevention ideas
  • Definitions of frequently used medical terms
  • Room by room safety suggestions
  • Home and personal safety assessment

About the author: Judy Levy

Professionally I am an Occupational Therapist with over forty years experience working with adult rehabilitation patients; personally, I have been the primary caretaker for my Mother who suffered with Alzheimer’s Dementia for almost ten years.  This book is the result of all of my experiences.

The goal of the book is to help other caregivers and families who are dealing with issues similar to those that I faced – coming up with ideas, evaluating them to see if they were successful and adapting them if they were not, communicating these ideas to other caregivers and, preventing burnout in the process.  I have also included definitions of frequently used medical terms, home safety ideas and, Alzheimer and activity resources.

Activities to Do with Your Parent Who Has Alzheimer’s Dementia available on Amazon.