Seniors, Retirement and Travel

Seniors, Retirement and Travel

Posted on May 22, 2014 by ElderCare Resources Phoenix in Blog, Independent Living, Transportation

Traveling, Trips and Trends

One of the greatest perks of retirement is having more time to travel, and now that spring is just around the corner, more and more senior citizens are catching the travel bug. But whether you’re traveling a few hundred miles to visit the grandchildren or a few thousand miles around the world, it’s important to plan ahead. In 2010, the U.S.

Travel Association estimates that Americans spent more than $526 billion on leisure travel. Mature travelers represent 21 percent of all leisure travelers in the United States. This new infographic offers information for seniors who are preparing to travel. For example, what questions should you ask hotel staff about how they accommodate seniors?

Did you know that vacations account for roughly 75 percent of domestic air travel and that one of the top reasons people in the U.S. vacation is to visit relatives? How about that the most affordable way to travel in the United States is by bus? The top travel destinations for seniors may also surprise you. “It’s important to do your research before traveling. Write down the medical facilities in the area. If you’re traveling abroad, look up the U.S. embassy’s location and phone number,” said Jim Dalton, chairman of the board for ActiveCare. “Plan activities that match your energy levels and make certain to get enough sleep and take time to relax.”