Some Devices for the Elderly to Increase Quality of Life

Some Devices for the Elderly to Increase Quality of Life

Posted on February 1, 2014 by ElderCare Resources Phoenix in Blog, Caregiver Education, Education, Geriatric Care Management, Home Care Non-Medical, Independent Living

Maybe you are worried about your elderly parents or relatives. They must be healthy enough to look after themselves if they are living alone or with you but if and when an emergency situation arises, they shouldn’t be alone. In the olden times we used give special whistles to children so they could make a loud sound in an emergency situation. As the technology improved, much more advanced equipment came to life. Elderly people are more fragile than children. When a child falls while running, he gets up and continues to play. Unfortunately this is not the case with elderly people. They may be affected very badly in such situations like small accidents. For them, the best way to overcome a situation like this with least harm is an elderly alarm.

There are several different types of elderly alarms. The most affective elderly alarm is the one with a 24 hours medical service at the other end of the line. These systems are directly connected to the call center of a medical emergency facility. A person using this service doesn’t have to look for a phone, a phone number or anything like this. He or she can press the button of the elderly alarm and gets in direct contact with a medical professional. After that depending on the seriousness of the situation an ambulance can be dispatched immediately or the children and other people of contact can be called to inform about the situation. This type of elderly alarm is most suitable for people living alone. It gives a feeling of security and freedom to the user increasing his or her quality of life. The system also puts the worries of children and relatives at ease.

The other type of elderly alarm is not very different form the whistles we gave to our children. These alarms are basically transceivers with a couple of easy to use buttons. The alarm sounds can be set to different levels for different times of day and night. Some of these alarms also come with a companion device for short distance communication and special signals given from one device to the other. If you are living with an elderly person and you want to be with that person constantly, these devices solve your problem. Wherever they go, they can communicate with you with a press of a button. Their signals can be set to high for nights and low for mornings so that you can here they need something even while you are sleeping.

There are also charms and other jewelry for medical emergency situations. These are not designed especially for elderly people. They can be used by anyone with a chronic disease like diabetes, heart disease, renal failure or asthma. These accessories have information about the medical condition, drugs being used or allergies of their carriers which can be very important and life saving in emergency situations.

All these devices like elderly alarm and emergency information jewels help us and our loved ones to have a longer, happier life .

By: Joe R. Maldonado

Published: Isnare